I Like Turtles

 Spring break in Kona.

This is 12 big steps and a short paddle from the porch.  Pretty hard to beat that.

We had bad luck with the swell during the week.  Despite that, there was always fun waves to be had.  It really want to go back when the swell is bigger.  It would be insane.

Look a turtle eating!

Trying to pull into the little slabby things is fun.  Staying away from the coral and urchins, not so much.


The waves seemed to randomly turn on for 20 minutes at a time throughout the day.  This guy either knew what he was doing, or lucked into one of the sets for the day.

Banyans.  Way more consistent and exponentially more crowded.  I stuck to the mornings mostly, otherwise catching a wave is basically impossible.  Big dogs would snag the sets, and groms and boogers would soak up everything else.

This kid is about 2 foot 8 so the perspective is a little off.  Shane Dorian was at the beach this day.  

Java Finch, introduced in the 1800s like almost every other animal and humanoid on the island.

Turtle in space.

Horde of senior citizens on approach.  

Amazing drive up one of the smaller mountains.  It was very very high up and felt like central Cal or something. 

Kona is a paradisical place, and the people there got it good in my book.  Super consistent warm waves, poki, perfect weather, cool stuff to do, Portuguese sausage and more poki.

 Like most every other place in Hawaii, there is a weird "Anti-Haole" vibe that gets pretty heavy in some spots.  In the water I didn't notice much of that, except for a raised eyebrow or two at Banyans.

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