Summer Randoms

These first two are from a trip out to the spit with my dad.  Looks (from space) like it could just be an epic left, especially given its a few hundred feet deep just off shore.  Ended up surfing knee high mush, then went home where it was absolutely fucking firing... of course.  I think it would only be worth it in the winter when the south winds ruin it at home.  I have never heard of anyone surfing here.

This guy managed to get his 41 foot yacht stuck on a shoal.  Apparently the coast guard tied it off and left it over night.  There was a gale warning and big low tide that night, and the boat was gone the next day.  Sucks to be that guy...

Been surfing the north point more, as it seems to pick up more swell on lower tides.  Its ok, at least there are ride able waves though.  Just watch out for the rocks, which are plentiful and sharp. 

Bali bound in 9 days.  I have no idea what to expect.  But I do scope the conditions every day where I am going HERE or HERE...

The Rip Curl Padang Padang competition might happen while we are there.  That would be awesome to see.

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