Barrel of Monkeys

Bendy lines at low.  

North Point at low tide.  Been surfing here lately instead of the usual.  Super fun little bowls, but as you can see the rocks make it  a bit tricky... If you don't get the sets you end up high and dry.  Also need to watch your hands on the paddle out, since there is no channel and the depth varies from waist deep to +1 feet...

Set wave.  I wish someone was in this wave to show how big it actually was.  This thing would just slab out and throw the most perfect little barrels ever.  Left or right.  This spot always looks bigger.... because it is.

This kinda shows how slabby it is.  Bigger than it looks.  Best barrels on the island I have got besides poprocks...

Chunk menace on a nugget!  Yew!

Danno and ChunkMenace on the inside reelers!  Weeee!

Such a great day.  Almost makes you forget all the frozen shitty days you spend on the beach. waiting..

B-Man lurking as usual...

Went to the zoo the next day.  

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