101 South - Del Nort, Humbolt, Mendocino

This was Crescent City.  

Redwood National Forest.  Epic. 

Patrick's Point.  This is a really awesome part of CA.  This park has lots of trails and camping.  Beach break just down the point at Agate Beach.  Then a few beaches in Trinidad.  I would definitely come back here (when there is some swell).

Trinidad.  Little tourist town with some nice beaches. 

So first we tried to camp at a place called Richardson Grove. But it was full so the ranger told us to head 20 minutes down the road to this other place.  The second campground was a mess (had a epic little cliff down the trail though) and there were a lot of people living in the campground permanently.  It was kinda sketchy.   Amber wasn't really a fan so we continued onto Highway 1.

Highway 1. 

 Back to the Coast!

Awesome part of CA.  Tiny towns and ranches that end on a rocky shoreline.   

We checked about a dozen campground but they were all packed full of Abalone divers.  Seriously, there were thousands of them.  Every trail or pullout to the ocean was packed with people diving for abalone.  This place let us park in their lot and sleep though.  It actually had some amazing little campsites.  All the divers were cleaning their (massive) abalone at the cleaning station.

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