101 South - WA & north OR

The trip started with a gnarly rainstorm north of Seattle.  It was one of those downpours that made it hard to drive.  Pretty sure I-5 had a higher water density than most rivers.  It cleared up eventually as we moved south.

Something about this statue seems inappropriate...  

Seaside was pumping...  

Don't think the point was worth the walk.  I surf enough waist high rocky lefts at home as it is...  We were planning on staying here for the first night, but decided we might as well keep going south.  Seaside is a cool little town though.

The OR coast is pretty sweet.  Check out all the humans on the spit to Haystack.  We skipped it... 

Couldn't find any surf while driving south.  Not even at "Break Dance Beach.  Lots of awesome look outs though.   

Like this one. 

Oregon has lots of sand.

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