101 South - the rest of Oregon

 Cool place.  Not really any surf.

Looking south towards Otter Rock.  Pretty much as small as it gets surf-wise. 

otter rock. 

Ummmm.  This was Yachats?  I can't remember right now.  I think it was.  It was flat as shit either way.  Cool little town though, and the drive south had some pretty sweet spots. 

Looking south towards Florence and the dunes.  Starting to not feel like WA now... 

Coos Bay.  Flat.  Awesome place though.  There has to be some sick surf around here with some swell... 

Bandon.  Really cool beaches.  No surf, but it was a cool little town. 

Port Orford.  1st place that was picking up any of the south swell.  It was windy as hell though. 

Spent the night at a place called Humbug Mountain.  It was really cool.  Nice little campsites and a short jaunt to the beach.  This was in the AM. 

Humbug had a pretty sick looking right.  Small, but lots of potential I think.   

Ya. that right was pretty nuggety.   

Campsite at Humbug. 

Some good stuff south of Humbug before we hit the fog.  Nobody was out anywhere.  Not sure if there was any access anyway.

Apparently this is the tallest bridge in Oregon.  We couldn't tell... 

Brookings.  Flat.  We continued from there to Northern Ca.

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