Gone West

Sick. Sick. Sick.

Real Bros hold hands after a good session... 

R. Dub out the back.  The outside waves were seriously impossible to get out to.  Longest paddle (without moving) ever.   

After surfing most the day this rare right hander started getting pretty silly.  It was fun squared.

No really.  That right was a lot of fun.  And I am garbo at going right so that says a lot about how good it was... We surfed till it got dark then headed north.

Next day.  Gorilla mask in the foreground.  Nugg behind it.  

Pumping.  Hard.  And we were the only ones here while it was like this.  Everyone else was sleeping in or checking other places.  I dunno.  It was sick though.  

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Captin KillGnar said...

Right looks tasteeey!