Waikiki - The rest of it...

Hawaii is rad (even in the summer).  Its not like it was macking huge or anything, but it was consistently chest high (with a shoulder to head every 15 - 20 minutes).  Kinda hard to not love that when the water is warm...  My favorite spot on the trip (called Suicides) is just to the left of the big dark spot in the reef below diamond head (the big crater).  Really fun bowly lefts.  

Ala Moana scene.  I never actually surfed (or checked) here, even though I probably should have.... The waves over at diamond head were perfectly fine with me, and there weren't 30 + people out there hassling hard all day long. 
View from the water at the perma-rainy hills above town. 
North Shore.  Definitely not what I was expecting.... I figured there would be surf shops, parking lots and lots of other surf related stuff.  We tried to snorkel Waimea but there was no parking.  I would hate to see it in the winter...  Instead it just looked like any other town on the beach.  I didn't even know where pipeline was... 
Hiking to this was pretty fun.  Sandals were a bad idea...But then again, so were shoes if you wore em'. 
Fun as hell.  Things I would do next time...
1: Bring my own boards.  Figuring out new boards and new waves is a bit too much.  Even though I did rent decent firewire.  Also dings make your wallet shrink quick (and the reefs are shallow).
2: Surf as many spots as possible.  I stuck to Publics for a few days, when I should have roamed more, as I think Suicides was a bit better.

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