Case of the Mondays

What happened to the water temp?  Less than a week ago I didn't even have to wear booties, and now my feet almost freeze off?   The cold feet didn't help me get used to the new lib tech I just bought.... Its weird to go to a shortboard after riding a 5'0" simmons thing.  I could never get my feet on the damn stomp pad, so I kept slipping out or pearling.  The board felt great the handful of times that I rode it properly.... Paddles good and all that too.  After I get back from Hawaii in a couple weeks I am buying new booties.

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Captin KillGnar said...

N/NW wind ='s upwelling. Upwelling ='s cold water. We havent really had much of that, so the water got warm. Happens every July. And usually July has some of the coldest water temps of the year.

Nice pics. Good to know La Push gets the southy's that don't really hit here. Fun West blip on Thurs/Fri thou. Need to make it to LP one of these days. Looks fun.