Sometimes you come out to the coast and its :
- windy as hell
- rainy as hell
- flat as hell

Other times your girlfriend/boyfriend/wife/partner/manslave doesn't think its very fun to:
- drink beer in a tent all day
- take bets on rez-dog fights
- drive for hours checking every spot
- listen to you play the stupid ukulele

When these things happen just go to the MUSEUM! Its a fun place to kill a couple hours, buy trinkets and learn about history junk!

A lot of their tools were pretty damn amazing.

I eat cereal every morning out of a bowl just like this...

On whale hunts they would harpoon it, attach floats made from seal skins, and then one gnarly dude would jump in and sew the whales mouth shut. I would not want to do that.


surfingphysicist said...

I dont know man sewing a whales mouth shut sounds pretty badass.

shooting.sasquatch said...

So does killing a male silverback gorrilla with your barehands or defusing a nuclear explosive. But I still don't want to do either of those.