Salamanders and Slabs

Met a photographer from National Geographic yesterday.  He was waiting in the marina to take pictures of the golden eagles for the magazine.  Its funny because he had a bunch of shots (albino black bear article) in the Nat. Geo. that was sitting in my truck.  He has also has had cover shots for Nat. Geo (Think bear eating flying salmon). He gave me some tips (what the hell is a neutral density filter?) and showed me some rad pictures.  Cool guy. 

Stayed in PA for a night at the cheapest possible motel.  This was it.  Even though it was only $45 it was a treat to have a TV, a bed, running water, and not have to sleep in the back of a truck.

This place has crazy potential.  I have actually surfed it twice thus far this summer.  Smallest most perfect left barrels ever.  Wonder what the big winter juice makes it do...

This is another little slab (which is a lot bigger than this picture makes it look since I was a hundred yards away when I took this).  Zero access with any non-minus tide and a long hike along sketchy rocks with dead smelly sea lions (well, half sea lions...) laying around.  Kydakarabbits area.

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surfingphysicist said...

Dude im trying to get down on these newly discovered lefts.