Another Hike of Epic Lameness

How come all my explorations lately end in near disaster?

Getting to the island (which is supposedly filled with goats) was easy enough despite the 1-mile hike over large jetty boulders.  Just don't look down into the 15 foot death holes between the rocks...  Last time I tried to get out to the island I was with my girlfriend, and kept exclaiming "Wow, look at that death hole!  That would SUCK to fall into."  After about twenty minutes she declared the trek unsafe, and we left.

I walked around the island and made it to a nice looking trail which I thought would take me back to the jetty.  Instead, it slowly deteriorated into a sticker-bush-hell-hole that ended at this look out thing.  If there were goats on the island, then they were doing a terrible job of removing the invasive thorny plant species. 

I was not looking forward to the hike back, so I moved quick over the rocks.  I could taste the warm Rainier that was waiting for me in my truck.  Of course, halfway down the stupid jetty a large rock decided to do the shuffle when I stepped on it, and I did a slow ungraceful backwards-tumble-slide into a crevice.   My backpack helped break my small fall, but I ended up upside-down and wedged between two boulders, staring into the boiling water of a death hole 10 feet below my face.  I quickly wiggled back up to freedom, covered in scrapes from the seagull poo encrusted rocks and made my way, slowly, back.

I have decided to stop exploring places for awhile. 

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Dwighty said...

we used to skip school and run out there