Highs and Lows

It has been windy as shit lately.  In this graph you can see the low pressure systems from the past few days rolling through, and the wind that follows them...  In other news, the long range forecast for next week looks gnar, and I officially had my last day of college classes ever today...

Next weeks low pressure lineup.  Good to see those red blobs move north.

and the forecast... Where you gonna be if this actually happens?

Just for shits.  Here was the swell of the year this year (for some spots).  Crazy to see the whole NE pacific in red.


abo said...

congratulations...does that mean full time job and less surfy

SurfingwithSasquatch said...

Thanks! I still got internship for one quarter, which means 40 hrs a week and no pay. Hopefully I get a job somewhere with surf. I will always have summers off though!