WARNING - Only watch this if you have absolutely nothing else to do.

Several years ago, two wandering travelers and their wenches stumbled upon an amazing spectacle.  Hordes of Nerds were waging war in a small public park.  Wielding weapons cast from foam and duct tape, the Nerds would scream in glee as they meekly attacked one another.  After a brief meeting with one of the nerd leaders (see Figure 1 below), the travelers discovered that this epic battle was something called Live Action Role Playing, or LARP in Nerdish.  Why hadn't this imaginary fighting been beaten out of these sniveling Nerds on the school yard years ago?  Twas a mystery...  Despite the obvious lack of alcohol and attractive wenches, the travelers decided to participate in this thing called LARP.  After all, it was not often that Nerds asked to be pounded on by larger, more athletically gifted humans.  

However, as the battles commenced it became quite clear to the travelers that this LARP was in fact a much different game than those played by normal folk.  Instead of running away and cowering in fear in their urine soaked cargo pants, the Nerds went on the offensive, and they attacked without mercy.  For on this field the traveller's athletic abilities counted for nothing, as the dainty Nerds were far superior at handling their crude foam weapons, which they had likely spent hours fashioning in their mothers' cold damp basements.  So after the start of each battle, the travellers would be quickly slain by the swarming Nerd clan, and were forced to walk shamefully back to their drunken cheering wenches.  In the end the travellers gained a respect for this strange Nerdly People, and although they would never admit it to their fathers, LARP was indeed a thrilling way to spend a Saturday afternoon.

Figure 1 - The Nerd Leader.  Notice his unkempt ginger hair, vampire like skin, and meager attempt at facial hair.

Figure 2 - The one who calls himself Silver (true) goes on the offensive.  Despite his lack of athletic ability and pasty complexion, he was a fine swordsman.  He gave us THIS Url if we ever decided to participate in another LARP battle.

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Anonymous said...

this shit is every where. a couple days at collage were spend drinking and watching the show. just wait at some point you will end up working with one of them.