Grey Days

Lots of fog, little sun, and short period waves...  Despite all this, the waves at HB actually have a little bit of wall and there are some quality peaks.  I got a ton of fun lefts (and a few rights which I suck at still).  My surfing is feeling way better... But my knee is dying right now, gonna take a day off.

Its hard to take photos when it is lightly misting all day.  Hopefully the sun will come out this weekend (when there is gonna be a longer period (12 sec.) SW swell... The rez dogs are rad!  Super nice and friendly, they got mooching for food down to an art... I kinda want to keep the one on the right, it is probably 6 months old, and cool as hell.


drexnefex said...

those rez dogs are super rad. at the looka for sooes, you can whistle and this little mini dog will come running from the house across the strt. dude is hyper amped stoked to hang out.

pretty rad.

tHe UrbaN GarDener said...

I think the rez dogs fur is permanently wet up there. Looks like period is going to increase to 14 seconds... Hope you get some good ones!

appreciate the posts