Foam & Froth

This seagull hung around my truck all day while I was working.  I named him Farnum.  He had a busted wing, and had trouble standing.  He kind of stumbled around like a drunkard, and was constantly wary of the eagles that swooped around.  The next day as I was rounding the last bend into town, Farnum was sitting in the middle of my lane.  I didn't have time to stop, so I tried to go right over the center of him, thinking he would duck. He didn't...  Farnum didn't flinch.  I think he just couldn't take it anymore, so I will call this an assisted suicide... Weird coincidence...

Been surfing the morning glass at HB and the beaches south (which pick up a little more of the NW energy).  It is frustrating most of the time trying to find the shifty mush peaks, but I have picked off a few clean ones.

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