New Home

In a little over a week The Cape will be my new home for three months!  I will have plenty of free time to explore all the nooks and crannies, fish my brains out, and of course surf my brains out...  Until then, I have a million things to do...

Speaking of fishing, I caught a Ling on Memorial Day but it was 1/2 an inch short of legal (26 inches)...  Went freediving too, but the water was murky and the current was ripping.  Sketchy!  Then today of course my Ma caught a 32 incher....  Good weekend though, saw lots of porpoises and even a couple Peregrine Falcons.


drexnefex said...

im planning on getting a fishing spear and giving it a go one of these wkends when the waves are mellow. somewhere out NB.

pumped to see underwater.

SurfingwithSasquatch said...

I just use a hawaiian sling. Super fun. Need a weight belt too (with about 15 lbs) so that you can get deep enough.