My computer took a major wipeout....  My hard drive is now a paper weight.  It cost me $200 to get a new hard drive and windows.  So now, all that remains of my surf trips, documents, and music from the last year and a half is gone.  It would take about $1,500 dollars to extract it.  This is not possible for me with my extremely limited budget.  All I have left is the pictures from this blog (good thing I started it).

I really could care less about the music (I can download more) the documents (worthless school work), but the pictures.... Those are what I really want.  Trips to the coast, days at the point, fishing trips, nights on the town.... Gone...  FUCK!

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drexnefex said...

oh fuck harsh man.
look into smugmug for future pics. $35/year for unlimited, full res photos. it is the way.