Best "forum" comment ever. Period...?

comment by Baravis, 2009-05-11 15:51:04
Jewish Contingent

Hi I'm Baravis and I represent the Jewish surf community that often frequents this spot. I do warn of parking here because these Indians don't care if you are a minority or a common caucasion. Last month I stepped out of my car only to receive a half full bottle of whiskey thrown at brute force hitting me straight in the pelvis. It knocked me to the ground and I vomited on my good pants that I usually save for special occassions. One of the Indians than ripped my yamika off my head spit on it and then slapped it back on my head. This guy was a rough customer to say the least. By the time I composed myself and got to my feet he lit an m-80 an threw it in the driver's side of my Saab. It landed in my lunch sack and blew up Kosher potato salad all over the inside of my ride. I spent the next two hours nursing my whiskey soaked groan sitting in potato salad. These brown-skins mean business.


R said...

Funny shit. Guess he wasent Sharps. They fight back.

Dig the tune for the small waves, best on the album IMO. But wait it's not even out yet. Ha!

en iyi forum said...

Hope it's summer all over again. I just love your banner. Anyway, it the album out now in the market? How was it? Is it fighting?

SurfingwithSasquatch said...