Cali's Canada & Wa's Mexico

I stayed in this spot for about a week.  Rangers would show up every now and then, but I would just leave and come back.  The beach said no camping..whatever.   I was wondering why nobody was surfing these sweet little peaks (just north of CK)... Talking to some people later I found out that this is where the landlord hangs out... Hmmm.  Oh Well.  Surfed some nugs for the week alone with nothing more than some rogue sea lions cruising by. Cool spot.

*note to self.  next time talk to some people before surfing random spots alone.

These are the shots you take after 5 hours on the beach and 15 beers.

Ya!  CaveMan Laz-E-Boy!

Looks small. But it was shoulder high, clean, and fun.
After a night of consuming my buddy was incapable of putting up a tent.  Luckily he had a nice sleeping bag and decided to crash on the beach.  When I awoke there were birds wandering around his lifeless carcass.  It turned out he was fine, but his truck wouldn't start. Since the truck was a manual we push started it... Towards the ocean.  We got a little worried pushing it directly at the pacific, and honestly it was kind of sketchy, but it kicked (seriously right before hitting the water) and he made it out just fine.  Surfed off the hangover and hammered for the next few moons in Lincoln City.  Lost my wallet in the Casino.  Found it.  Destroyed my leg trying to carry an innappropriately sized log, then drove home for six hours with blood dripping down my leg.  Overall a great week!


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